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In which I express my opinions

My biggest disappointment with Apple's 2013 iPhone upgrades

20 Sep 2013

Overall a good year of progress, but there's on big elephant in the room that Apple is choosing to ignore.

The One Thing You Should Not Bring to Your Next Conference

04 Dec 2012

While packing for an upcoming conference, you think to yourself, 'I know what I'll do. I'll bring my laptop!' Now you've got problems.

How Atebits' Letterpress Could Really Shine (and Make a Lot of Money)

28 Oct 2012

Letterpess is already a success by almost any measure. It reached #16 in the App Store's free apps chart and managed to bring Game Center to its knees over the app's first week of availability. But I think Letterpress has an opportunity to really shine.

A Brief Message to Web Designers

07 Jun 2012

If you're not designing websites that adapt to mobile browser sizes, you need to be.

Tech Podcasts You Should Know About

30 Jan 2011

I've been listening to tech-related podcasts since the birth of the medium. I recently realized that I've never shared the shows that I think are great. So, here they are (in no particular order).

Mini Book Review: Ruby Best Practices

01 Aug 2009

I just finished reading Gregory Brown's **Ruby Best Practices** (RBP). I could probably write a book about this book, but I hate long book reviews so I'll try to keep this short.

On WordPress Plugin Release Notes

03 Jul 2009

Plugin upgrade notifications and one-click installs are great for both developers and users alike, but there is one thing about them that I find irritating as a user, and easily avoidable as a developer: **displaying reasons to upgrade**.

3 Reasons Why Heroku is a Game Changer

26 May 2009

Why I think Heroku is awesome and will change the game of Ruby app deployment