I’ve been listening to tech-related podcasts since the birth of the medium. I recently realized that I’ve never shared the shows that I think are great. So, here they are (in no particular order):


The Changelog

The Changelog tracks what’s new in the world of open source. I love seeing open source projects and their authors getting exposure and I’ve learned a ton from tuning into the conversations around them.

Build and Analyze

B&A is the new kid on my block. This podcast features Marco Arment and Dan Benjamin discussing iOS, Mac and web development. Marco is full of insight and never afraid of diving into the esoteric details of Cocoa development.

This Week in Tech

This Week in Tech (along with Diggnation) was a show that introduced me to podcasting. Leo Laporte is an excellent host and the panel changes from week to week so you’re always in for a fresh take. The topics are your average tech news (hardware/software releases, Facebook’s latest move, Google vs Apple, etc.), but what makes TWiT interesting after all these years are the in-between moments.

37Signals Podcast

This one is hit-or-miss depending on the topic. Sometimes they’re just pimping their book or software product (can you blame them?), but other times the discussion is lively and insightful. I especially enjoyed the programming roundtable discussion (here, here, and here) and hope to hear more from the development team in the future.

The Pipeline

The Pipeline is a talk show wherein Dan Benjamin interviews interesting people around the web. I really dig Dan’s interviewing style and he really does land some interesting guests. A few shows that I really enjoyed include interviews with Notch, Adam Lisagor and Tina Roth Eisenberg.

Pivotal Labs Tech Talks

Pivotal Labs routinely hosts Tech Talks in their office. These talks cover a broad range of technology and development topics. The talks are recorded and released in podcast format in both video and audio. I usually spring for the video and watch in the iPad or laptop when I’m bored.

Macbreak Weekly

Perhaps my “guilty pleasure” of the lot. Macbreak Weekly is great for one major reason: the hosts. Leo Laporte (again), Andy Inhatko, and Merlin Mann are a charismatic group and they feed off each other very well. I could take or leave Alex Lindsey, but the others are a riot to listen to. Another great thing about this podcast is that they conclude each show with a “picks of the week” segments wherein each host gets to promote a Mac-related product, whether that be hardware or software. I’ve learned of a few gems from them, and I really appreciate how they give publicity to small software developers.

Ruby on Rails Podcast

I wish this podcast was published more often. It’s hosted by Geoffrey Grosenbach of PeepCode fame and features news and interviews around the Ruby and Rails communities. Geoffrey is a skilled interviewer and has one of those enigmatic voices that make for great audio.

I’m always looking for new high quality, tech-related media to consume. Please let me know if you know of any killer podcasts that I’m missing out on!