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My Favorite Changelog Episodes of 2016

31 Dec 2016

We had a lot of great conversations this year. These were my favorite.

5 Answers For Coder Catchup Episode 100

22 Dec 2016

I was honored to answer 5 questions for Jaymie Jones' 100th episode of Coder Catchup

Safari does not trigger click events on anchors or buttons containing SVG elements

18 Aug 2015

This ruined my morning.

New Mac: Eventual Installs

11 Apr 2015

Which apps found their way eventually on to my brand new Mac

New Mac: Instant Installs

21 Mar 2015

Which apps found their way immediately on to my brand new Mac

What Continuity Means to Me

13 Mar 2015

What happens when the most-awaited features become the most disappointing.

Trailing Conditionals Considered Harmful Unless Used Sparingly

08 Mar 2015

The reason why I'm bearish on trailing conditionals may best be expressed by a road sign I saw on a recent road trip down Interstate 80

I Fought the RSI and the RSI (Almost) Won

26 Feb 2015


Thoughtfulness is a Secret Weapon

21 Feb 2015

I'll tell you why

Big Week

13 Feb 2015

As I teased on Monday, two things I'm quite excited about were announced this week