Spring is in the air and a shiny new 13” MacBook Pro is in my office1.

It will replace the mid-2011 13” MacBook Air that I’m writing this post with. Why aren’t I writing it on my new machine? Because for the first time ever I’ve decided not to migrate. My current install has been through 6 major operating system upgrades, countless experiments, untold hacks, and more. It’s time to start fresh.

Dual Wielding

I’ll be running the two machines side-by-side for the next couple weeks, only loading things I need on to the new one. This means every app has to prove itself to me again. No exceptions.


I plan to write up a few posts as I make the transition, documenting what makes the cut and what doesn’t. This post covers the instant installs that I didn’t hesitate to install on day one. Since this is a work machine, these apps are all Serious Business™. You won’t find games or family tree software in this lot. These apps help me make a living.

This pic might be my first and last real use for LaunchPad


iCloud now brings many settings with it. I was pleasently surprised to see even my text shortcuts synced over automatically.


Still, there are many tweaks that don’t fall inside iCloud’s purview. Here are a few I couldn’t live without:


There are a few apps I’m trying to live without4 and whole boat load of things I haven’t set up yet.

I’ll write another post next week with more apps I end up installing and tweaks I bring over. Follow along on Twitter or via RSS5 so you won’t miss it!

  1. 3.1 GHz i7, 16GB of RAM, 256GB SSD (for the curious)

  2. I use Safari as my main browser. Having all my browsers synced between my devices via iCloud is its killer feature.

  3. This is the one thing Windows does better than OS X, in my experience.

  4. Sparrow and iTerm, to name two.

  5. It lives!