It’s been ~18 months since my first Ruby Rebus challenge and, frankly, that’s just too long to ask y’alls nerds to wait. Wait no more! I’ve dreamt up 15 brand spankin’ new rebuses1 for your guessing pleasure.

Last round I only picked movies from IMDB’s Top 250 list. This time the tie that binds these movies is that I’ve seen them and I like them.

The other big change this time around is instant gratification. Instead of a follow-up post with the answers, just click the button under each rebus once you’ve figured it out (or given up)! Enough intro,

Rebus #1

throw :me if person.is_a? ConMan

Rebus #2

expect(Game).to receive(:play)

Rebus #3

[].method :each

Rebus #4


Rebus #5

[NoMethodError, NameError]

Rebus #6

[Float.instance_method(:ceil), Float.instance_method(:floor)]

Rebus #7

Actor = :movie, :first_name "Argo", "John" "Monsters, Inc.", "John" "The Big Lebowski", "John"

Rebus #8

class Payment
  delegate :give, to: :other

Rebus #9

class Object
  def initialize
    @afraid = true

Rebus #10

%i(stop danger yield detour)

Rebus #11

if s == "AZ"

Rebus #12

60.times { sleep 1 } && exit

Rebus #13

  [darren, judith].join

Rebus #14

class Time; def kill; abort; end; end
t =

Rebus #15

"スカーレット".encode "ascii" rescue ""

Which was your favorite? Least favorite? How many of the 15 did you get right? Let me know in the comments!

  1. or is it rebi?