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On getting down with O.P.P.S.

Our 2018 State of the "log" address

19 Dec 2018

The season finale of The Changelog

My Favorite Changelog Episodes of 2016

31 Dec 2016

We had a lot of great conversations this year. These were my favorite.

New Mac: Eventual Installs

11 Apr 2015

Which apps found their way eventually on to my brand new Mac

New Mac: Instant Installs

21 Mar 2015

Which apps found their way immediately on to my brand new Mac

What Continuity Means to Me

13 Mar 2015

What happens when the most-awaited features become the most disappointing.

How we use Trello to generate The Changelog Weekly

14 Jan 2015

I wrote a lengthy post on The Changelog all about turning Trello in to a CMS

GIF of the Year

30 Dec 2014

And the winner is...

Beloved Bits, 2014

21 Dec 2014

My fourth annual list-of-things-that-I-deem-notable-in-the-year-which-is-about-to-conclude.

Beloved Bits, 2013

31 Dec 2013

My third annual list-of-things-that-I-deem-notable-in-the-year-which-is-about-to-conclude.

CLOC Counts Lines of Code

12 Feb 2013

If you ever find yourself in a foreign code base and want to get a quick overview of how much code is in it, cloc is just the tool for the job.

A Casual Stroll Through Discourse's Source Code

11 Feb 2013

Any time I see an open source app which has technically intriguing bits, I take some time to clone it and give it a quick read-through. Let's do that!

Top Hacker News Content of 2012

31 Dec 2012

Judofyr's excellent collection of Hacker News threads with book recommendations made me want to see all of the best HN threads this year.

Beloved Bits, 2012

27 Dec 2012

My second annual list-of-things-that-I-deem-notable-in-the-year-which-is-about-to-conclude.

7 Ways to Level Up Your Sublime Text Editing

17 Aug 2012

Wrangle Your iOS Apps

28 Jun 2012

Digital clutter can be as bad as its analog equivalent. I find that I enjoy my iOS devices more when they're populated by a handful of super high quality apps instead of a boatload of apps of varying quality. But maintaining such a state can be slightly overwhelming if you don't have a system. I have a system. Oh, I have a system...

Back That Gmail Up

26 May 2012

Girl, you looks good, won't you back that Gmail up

Sublime Text 2 Icon Replacement Roundup

12 Jan 2012

Sublime Text 2 may be the best text editor on the planet, but its icon is an abomination. Thankfully, replacements abound.

Beloved Bits, 2011

31 Dec 2011

My first ever list-of-things-that-I-deem-notable-in-the-year-which-is-about-to-conclude.

Brew Install Vim

04 Aug 2011

Apple ships vim with OS X, but it's lacking a few nice features. Homebrew proper doesn't have a Vim formula because it violates the 'no-duplicates' policy. Thankfully, there's an alternative repo of nice Homebrew formulae, including Vim!

Reasons Your Dev Team Might Choose Talker Over Campfire for Group Chat

14 Jun 2011

Talker is a great tool for group chat, especially for development teams. Herein I enumerate 3 reasons why it's better suited than Campfire.

Some Great iOS Apps

19 Jun 2010

I'd like to give props to a handful of iOS apps that I think are exceptional. If you haven't used any of the following, I highly suggest you check them out.

Exciting Projects I Watched in February

06 Mar 2010

Another month, another handful of great open-source projects I found on GitHub.

Exciting Projects I Watched In January

02 Feb 2010

One of my favorite GitHub features is the ability to find and track the progress of projects that interest me. I've decided to post the new projects I find each month on this blog since there is a high likelihood that you and I have common interests

Tweetie Has Arrived

21 Apr 2009

The anointing of an OS X application

Debian 5.0 (Lenny) Released

15 Feb 2009

Almost every software package in my favorite server operating system has been upgraded!

My Perfect OS X FTP Server

17 Jul 2008

Sometimes you need to set up a quick and dirty FTP server for one-time use. This is what I use to do it.

10.5.3 Fixes Spaces

31 May 2008

If you’re like me then one desktop just doesn’t cut it anymore. Leopard’s Spaces is Apple’s attempt at a virtual desktop management app and it has lacked one very crucial feature until the .3 release of the operating system which was pushed last week.