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Hacks, Tips, and Tricks

Everybody appreciates a good hack once in awhile.

I Fought the RSI and the RSI (Almost) Won

26 Feb 2015


Tips for a successful switch to a standing desk

02 May 2013

I've been standing while I work for over two years now, but the transition wasn't easy. Here are some tips on how to transition successfully.

Skype Tip: Roll Your Own Mentions System

09 Oct 2012

Mentions are a great way to keep the signal-to-noise ratio high in group chats. Unfortunately, Skype has no such feature. Fortunately, you can roll your own pretty easily. Here's how.

Adding Your Own Bookmarks and Bookmarklets to the iOS Simulator's Mobile Safari

29 Aug 2012

The process is only a little longer than its title

How to get quick access to technical symbols and other special characters in OS X

08 Aug 2012

If you find yourself typing out "command", "option", or "control" often and want to take a principled stand against verbosity, I have good news for you!

A Photo Stream Problem, Workaround, & Bonus

11 Dec 2011

One major problem with Photo Stream is that it uploads everything that hits your device's Camera Roll. That'd be great if all we ever took were amazing photographs. But alas, many of the images captured by our phones just aren't worth the effort

A Better Way to Get Recency-based Google Searches in Chrome

02 Aug 2011

Last week I shared my Dotjs hack which forces Chrome's Omnibar searches to use Google's "past year" parameter. Since then I've learned a couple of things and found a better way of handling it.

My Dotjs Hack to Default Google Searches to Past Year

26 Jul 2011

Sick of clicking on 'More tools' and 'Past year' after almost all of your Google searches? I was, so I hacked together a dotjs quickie which adds the necessary params if they aren't already provided.

Install Firefox 4 and Firefox 3 Side by Side on Mac OS X

23 Mar 2011

Want to upgrade to the newly released Firefox 4 while maintaining your Firefox 3 install for browser testing purposes? So did I. Here's how to get 'er done

The Two Character Config Hack That Changed my Bashing Life

20 Mar 2011

Little conveniences can make big differences. I recently added two characters to my Bash configuration that made a profound affect on my everyday computer use.

Three Ways to Retain Your Dev Flow

14 Jan 2011

Context switching: computers are great at it, humans suck at it. Every time we developers lose the context of our current task we are forced to waste precious time getting back...

Minimally Awesome Todos

01 Dec 2010

I've wasted many hours of my life trying different task management applications and have never found anything effective enough to stick with. Finally, I've found a solution that is simple and effective. It Just Works®. I think it's awesome. Maybe you will too.

Extract & Edit a Safari Extension

21 Aug 2010

Turns out it's pretty easy to edit a Safari extension that you've downloaded. Here's how.

Ad Hoc Command-Line Notifications with Twitter

14 Nov 2009

Have you ever spent way too much time babysitting a long-running command? Code compilation, large file transfers, software upgrades and other time consuming tasks can trash productivity by requiring intermittent attention. Here is a way to avoid the predicament.

Run OS X System Profiler From Terminal

09 Sep 2009

OS X's built-in `System Profiler` provides a great graphical display of pretty much anything you'll want to know about your Mac.

cd up, up, and a-up

07 Sep 2009

We all know that . represents the current working directory and .. represents the current working directory's parent directory. If we follow this pattern to its logical conclusion, then ... would represent the current working directory's parent's parent, etc. Unfortunately, cd doesn't work that way.

Kill Snow Leopard's Blue Ring of Exposé

01 Sep 2009

Looks like I'm not the only one who hates Snow Leopard's blue ring around selected windows in Exposé.

Sniff Your iPhone's Network Traffic

13 Jun 2009

Ever wanted (or needed) to see your iPhone's network traffic? All you need is a wireless LAN and the cross-platform proxy application, Paros.

Git Informed When Your Site Is Hacked

04 May 2009

How to set up git as a change notification mechanism