I’ve been quietly publishing a Bible podcast — hosted by myself and John Malone — since the start of 2014.

The reason I’ve been quietly publishing it is because it took a bit for us to iron out the podcasting kinks. I love podcasting, but it still hasn’t had its “Blogger moment”1.

The show is low on ceremony and (hopefully) high on content. It’s just two guys talking to each other about the Bible. Asking questions and sometimes getting answers. We try to keep it “commute friendly”, and if you enjoy the Bible at all, I think you’ll enjoy the show.

If you don’t currently enjoy the Bible (or think it’s stupid, filled with old wives tails, etc., etc.), humor me and give it a listen. Who knows, we may surprise you.

We’ve published 49 shows so far. Here are a handful of my favorites:

Let me know what you think. If you like it, there are plenty of ways to subscribe!

  1. “Blogger for podcasting” is an open opportunity for somebody out there to provide a lot of value (and make a lot of money doing it).