It’s been quieter around these parts lately1, but that’s not because I haven’t been writing. If you keep up with me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I’ve been contributing to The Changelog for the last few months!

I build my living on top of open source, so it’s an honor and a privilege to help Adam, Andrew, and the team shine the spotlight on deserving projects.2

Speaking of The Changelog… did you know it recently eschewed advertisers and is now run on memberships alone? That’s pretty rad, if you ask me.

They also relaunched the podcast! Yours truly joined a live panel for the kickoff show last week, which you can listen to here. Oh, and if you aren’t subscribed to the podcast, be sure to check this page for more info!

  1. I was publishing 1+ posts a week for awhile there, thanks to Habit list

  2. If you want me to pimp your project on The Changelog, email me or hit me up on Twitter