Picking up a new framework can be a daunting task, especially if you’re simultaneously learning a new language. I’ve done this before when I learned Ruby & Rails all in one fell swoop. It was not easy. I’m doing it again with Objective-J and Cappuccino.

Along the way I’ve compiled a list of valuable resources. I believe many others will be taking this same journey in the coming days (especially once Atlas drops), so I’m sharing my findings for the benefit of all.

Laying Foundation

JavaScript: The Good Parts - the book to read on JavaScript

Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X - focus on the “how” of Cocoa

Cocoa Design Patterns - focus on the “why” of Cocoa

Introduction to Cappuccino & Objective-J - you’ve probably already read this

Learning Objective-J - this too, but if you haven’t you absolutely should

Objective-C for Rubyists - great ($9) screencast if you’re coming from a Ruby background like me

Tutorials & Walk-Thrus

Scrapbook Tutorial - first “real” tutorial on cappuccino.org

Nice-Panorama Tutorials - great breadth of content here

CappuccinoCasts - Thomas does a great job with these. Watch ‘em all

Reference Material

Cappuccino Online Documentation - Unfortunately these are often outdated

Compiling from source - includes how to compile a local version of the documentation

Apple’s Cocoa Documentation - Often fills the voids in Capp’s documentation for certain topics

Cocoa Browser Air - A great tool for browsing Apple’s documentation on a Mac

Staying Informed

Official Cappuccino Blog - duh

280 North’s blog - because they’re driving this train

This Week in Edge Cappuccino - summaries of recent changes & additions

CappuccinoFlow - a link blog with content provided by the community

GitHub repository - if you’re hardcore you can watch every commit to the project

Getting Help

Google Group - good archives to search here as well

IRC Channel - direct IRC link

Google Wave - this is pretty new & I haven’t personally used it much

That’s what I’ve found & used so far. I plan on updating this page when I come across new helpful resources so come back from time to time and consider subscribing to my blog as well.

Also, let me know in the comments of Cappuccino resources you’ve found valuable and I’ll add them to the list. Cheers!