Fellow command-line junkies either love the cheat gem by Chris Wanstrath or they’ve never heard of it.

What “cheat” offers is a plethora (currently 601) of text-based cheat sheets at the tip of your fingers. Go ahead, give it a try:

jerod@mbp:~$ sudo gem install cheat
jerod@mbp:~$ cheat apache2

Pretty cool, huh?

Some cheats are kind of long, so pipe them to “less” for pagination:

jerod@mbp:~$ cheat git | less

List all the cheats available:

jerod@mbp:~$ cheat sheets

Or find one matching a search string:

jerod@mbp:~$ cheat sheets | grep [your search string]

To learn more about cheat:

jerod@mbp:~$ cheat cheat

Cheat on Rails

There a bunch of Rails-related cheats, which are great help in a pinch. Here are a few that I highly recommend:

Let me know if you find any juicy cheats that I should know about.