I don’t like FTP. Reasons abound, but to list a couple:

  1. Too complex to configure
  2. Insecure by default

But lets face it, sometimes you need to set up a quick and dirty FTP server for one-time use. Sure, OS X supports FTP file sharing natively but its a bit clunky because you have to either A) allow Anonymous access, or B) create a user account on your system and set up sharing on it. Lame.

There are many freeware,and shareware FTP clients but not too many servers. After a cursory review of all the offerings on IUseThis, I settled on PureFTPd Manager which is a free and open-source front-end for PureFTPd…and what a great choice I made.

Why does this app rock my socks off?

  1. Dead simple configuration - nice GUI walks you through everything
  2. Virtual users - one new system account and endless virtual users it can represent
  3. Logs and live status updates from GUI
  4. Uninstalls in a few clicks
  5. SSL/TLS support