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Reference Posts

Mostly references to references, really

Jekyll with Footnotes

06 May 2013

None of Jekyll's Markdown renderers support footnotes out of the box, but a RedCarpet fork has the feature.

Naming Schemes

22 Mar 2012

Naming things is hard. This website helps.

Learning Cappuccino: A Linked List

01 Nov 2009

A list of valuable resources for learning Objective-J and the Cappuccino web framework.

Cheating on Rails

20 Oct 2009

Fellow command-line junkies either love the cheat gem by Chris Wanstrath or they've never heard of it.

Great jQuery Reference

14 Aug 2008

I don’t usually post links on this blog unless they accompany a tutorial, but this reference is so good I can’t help but throw it up here for others.