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I Fought the RSI and the RSI (Almost) Won

26 Feb 2015


Thoughtfulness is a Secret Weapon

21 Feb 2015

I'll tell you why

Big Week

13 Feb 2015

As I teased on Monday, two things I'm quite excited about were announced this week

Bubble Boy

05 Feb 2015

Walking around in a bubble of grace.

Find Your Fiji

26 Jan 2015

You can't get any further away before you start coming back

Art-directed, data-driven image files to accompany your website

19 Jan 2015

Cody and I recently added a subtle feature to Oma/Sprout that we think is pretty neat.

How we use Trello to generate The Changelog Weekly

14 Jan 2015

I wrote a lengthy post on The Changelog all about turning Trello in to a CMS

Two Guys B.S.in'

05 Jan 2015

A conversational questions-and-answers show with two guys from Millard Community Church in Omaha, NE

GIF of the Year

30 Dec 2014

And the winner is...

Beloved Bits, 2014

21 Dec 2014

My fourth annual list-of-things-that-I-deem-notable-in-the-year-which-is-about-to-conclude.