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My biggest disappointment with Apple's 2013 iPhone upgrades

20 Sep 2013

Overall a good year of progress, but there's on big elephant in the room that Apple is choosing to ignore.

You don't have to annotate your AngularJS injections anymore

02 Aug 2013

So please stop

CoffeeScript Classes Play Nicely with AngularJS Factories

28 Jul 2013

In case you were wondering

So I gave a talk for NebraskaJS about AngularJS

13 Jul 2013

It seemed to go not too bad. Here are the video and slides if you're interested.

Jekyll with Footnotes

06 May 2013

None of Jekyll's Markdown renderers support footnotes out of the box, but a RedCarpet fork has the feature.

Tips for a successful switch to a standing desk

02 May 2013

I've been standing while I work for over two years now, but the transition wasn't easy. Here are some tips on how to transition successfully.


22 Apr 2013

It's been quieter around these parts lately, but that's not because I haven't been writing.

Be Careful When You Create a Unified SSL Certificate for Nginx

08 Apr 2013

If one of the files doesn't have a newline at the end then you will run into an error.

Name That Trend - Nose Dive Edition

07 Mar 2013

Fall, baby, fall

Easy 'Share-Nothing' WordPress Blog Syndication on Rails

01 Mar 2013

There are many ways to skin the syndicate-a-wordpress-blog-content-in-your-rails-based-app cat. This is an easy one.