So there is this really cool Rack middleware written by Simon Jefford which allows you to send arbitrary messages from your Rails controllers & views directly to Firebug’s (or Web Inspector’s) console. It is great for quick debugging. If that possibility excites you, head over to my recently published article on Fuel Your Coding to read all about it.

You may be wondering, what’s up with this Fuel Your Coding stuff? Well, I’ll tell you what’s up.

I’m very happy to announce that I’ve joined the Fuel Network as co-editor of FYC! I’m excited to help improve upon an already awesome blog by cultivating more content on the technologies that I use and love. I won’t be authoring articles there too often, but will be actively seeking and promoting quality contributions (If you’d like an opportunity to write for FYC, please contact me).

What does this mean for my blog? Not too much. Like before, I’ll be writing here as inspiration hits. Which is rarely, hah!

If you enjoy my blog, I highly encourage you to subscribe to FYC’s RSS feed as I’m sure you’ll find future content there very interesting.