In Brief

CappuccinoFlow I just launched CappuccinoFlow: a community driven link blog for the Cappuccino framework. If you’re at all interested in this amazing new technology out of 280north, make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed, follow along on Twitter, and post cool Cappuccino-related links to the flow!

In Detail

It has been a little quiet around these parts lately. I blame Cappuccino.

For the uninitiated, Cappuccino is a framework for writing web applications (for example). It is built on Objective-J, which is an Objective-C-esque superset of JavaScript. It is completely rad. Also, it’s all client-side so I still get to use Rails on the back-end. I believe the apt word is: woot.

I wanted a link blog to support the small, but growing, Cappuccino community. I’m a big fan of RubyFlow so I contacted its creator, Peter Cooper, and asked him if I could set one up for Cappuccino. He was gracious enough to say yes, and he had conveniently open-sourced an old version of his site awhile back. I forked it on GitHub and the result is CappuccinoFlow.

I’ll probably have to modify my blog’s headline soon, because once I become proficient in Objective-J & Cappuccino you’ll probably see some posts about it.